There is no doubt that Internet is key facility in many aspects of today’s life such as education and business. But the increased use of internet may cause serious problems in organizations as well as societies. Nowadays due to the presence of information technologies such as personal computers, cell phones, tablet and other appliances that are connected to the Internet wired or wireless, the issue of internet addiction is getting an important concern. This study investigate internet addiction among Hormozgan university’s students. It also study the relationship between internet addiction and academic progress among university students. Statistical population of the study is all of the Hormozgan University students among them 300 of students have been chosen randomly as the sample of the study. Through using SPSS software, data have been analyzed by application of T independent and chi-square test. The results showed that there is a negative relationship between the internet addiction and educational progress. Moreover, the study found that male students use more internet and they have more tendency for internet addiction than female students also internet addiction increases as the level of students education increase.