The effect of enterprise resource planning (ERP) on
implication of competitive intelligence (CI) in SMEs.
Case Study in Moallem Insurance Company

In recent years entrance of "resources planning organization" (ERP) in small
and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have been considered by Iranian
companies. The growing need for this tool and challenges in the course of
implementation, make necessary study, identify and evaluate managerial
aspects of these systems. Also the competitive intelligence as one of modern
management concepts accelerates the exchange of information and
knowledge in the organization and improve effectiveness of strategic
thinking and decision making systems. This study investigates the
relationship between the benefits of enterprise resource planning systems
with competitive intelligence and decision making support activities in the
field of small and medium sized businesses. Agents of Moallem Insurance
Company in Tehran were chosen as case studies, and with using statistical
analysis, the hypothesis of existence and extent of the relationship between
the components of ERP benefits and competitive intelligence were reviewed
and approved. The results of this study have provided some scales to the
model of effect of ERP benefits and CI capacities.