Impact the IT Capability on Business Agility

Mohammad Bashokouh; Mitra Shekasteband

Volume 1, Issue 4 , September 2014, Pages 1-24

  activities and corporate structures are presented in 21 century. Business Agilityalongside other theories in the management of the company's success in theturbulent market environment is essential. In this regard, the agility of ITcapabilities, while supporting Business Agility has a crucial role inunderstanding ...  Read More

The relationship between culture and organizational commitment and knowledge management

Mohammad Taghi Taghavifard; M Shirzad; Zeynab Salavati; A. Pourashraf

Volume 1, Issue 4 , September 2014, Pages 25-35

  Knowledge Management (KM) as a multi-disciplinary field is including a widerange of science fields such as computer, management, information systems, andeconomics. This study investigates the relationship between culture andorganizational commitment and KM in Tavanir Company. The research method isdescriptive ...  Read More

A Model to Explain the Impacts of Personal Factors on the Acceptance of Mobile Commerce

Abdolmajid Mosleh; Adel Pourdehghan

Volume 1, Issue 4 , September 2014, Pages 37-64

  Today, mobile devices have changed the way of communication and interaction, andhave a strong influence on modern management. It also provides the ability to doeffective work and has created entirely new activities. Currently, developingcountries is a Market that has a grate potential for Telecommunications ...  Read More

Identifing and ranking the factors affecting the intention to use mobile banking

Hamed Dehghanan; Narges Shahmohamadi

Volume 1, Issue 4 , September 2014, Pages 65-86

  Electronic Banking is one of the innovations that have an effect on informationand communication technology changes which has grown significantly. Bankingthrough mobile is one of the newest electronic distribution channels for somebanks which have increasingly crucial element for convenient and surplus ...  Read More

The impacts of Organizational Culture on ERP Projects Implementation Success

Morteza Moalagh; Gholamreza Shahriari; Ahad Zare Ravasan

Volume 1, Issue 4 , September 2014, Pages 88-111

  ر The concept of organizational culture is one of the most important organizationalbehavior theories which is also being considered as one of the key critical successfactors of ERP implementation projects. However, this concept is somehowoverlooked in academic research. Hence, the paper tries to articulate ...  Read More

Personal relationship, knowledge storage and performance of health care services

Jamshid Salehi Sadaghiyani; Vahid Najafi Kalyan; Mousa Rezvani Chamanzamin

Volume 1, Issue 4 , September 2014, Pages 113-129

  Effective personal relationships, combined with knowledge and experience in thefields of health care, provide quality and appropriate services to patients. So thisstudy aimed to analysis the relationship between personal relationships andknowledge storage and how these impacts on hospital service performance ...  Read More

Prioritize electronic service quality evaluation indicators with combines the technique of Kano, QFD and fuzzy AHP

Ziba Faraji Moghadam; Amir Afsar

Volume 1, Issue 4 , September 2014, Pages 131-156

  Today, many provider organizations to survive and surpass other competitors inthe world to compete. The new techniques and tools to identify and prioritize themost important metrics are used to obtain the customer's consent. Banks, as aservice provider organizations are no exception. Quality key role ...  Read More