The Impact of Information Technology Practice on Organizational Performance and Competitive Advantage

Mohammad Reza Taghva; Mojtaba Hosseini Bamakan; Hamid Reza Fallah Lajimi

Volume 2, Issue 5 , June 2004, Pages 1-17

  This research has been conducted with the purpose of employing information technology (IT) in organizations. To this end, the present research, titled “The Impact of Characteristics of Employing IT on the Organizational Performance and the Competitive Advantage in Organizations”, was done, ...  Read More

Determine the Degree of Acceptance Of E-Learning Readiness in the Persian Gulf University

Ebrahim Rajabpour; Sara Babaahmadi

Volume 2, Issue 5 , June 2004, Pages 19-40

  E-learning is not restricted by time or place and can provide teachers with a learning environment that is flexible and convenient, enabling them to efficiently learn, quickly develop their professional expertise, and advance professionally. The overall objective of this study was to investigate the ...  Read More

Identification and Classification of ITIL Implementation Critical Success Factors in Iran

Mohammad Mehrabioun Mohammadi; Gholamreza Shahriari; Ahad Zare Ravasan

Volume 2, Issue 5 , June 2004, Pages 41-71

  Nowadays, many organizations took Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices in the field of IT service management to improve their service management related processes.  Although, many organizations adopted ITIL, not all ITIL implementations are successful. With this in ...  Read More

The Evaluation of Knowledge Management and Its Relationship withCompetitive Position of Iran's Major Firms

Amir Zakery; Seyed Hossein Jalali; Seyed Alireza Motevallian

Volume 2, Issue 5 , June 2004, Pages 73-95

  Current research has been performed to evaluate the knowledge management (KM) in business administration, and assess the relationship between utilization of KM tools and competitive position of business as an empirical and practical survey. The target population of this study is registered firms in Tehran ...  Read More

A comparative study of Usability and Sociability Of public and specialized social networking websites

Saeed Roshani; Nafiseh Rezaeenik; Seyed Mohammad Hosain Shojaei

Volume 2, Issue 5 , June 2004, Pages 97-132

  The aim of this paper is to compare the internal and international specialized and public social networks in order to identify their centralized and common issues, weaknesses and strengths of each selected social network, and propose the efficient solutions to improve and expand the social networks in ...  Read More

Surveyeffect infrastructure factors in implementation of knowledge management (Case Study: Bank Mellat)

Haniyeh Hooshmand; Amir Afsar

Volume 2, Issue 5 , June 2004, Pages 133-157

  Increasingimportance ofknowledge and growing trendin today'sknowledge-based economy, has turned knowledge management into a strategic and vital tool in order to gain and maintain a competitive advantage. And electronic Banks as well as effective organizations in country’s transactions to gain and ...  Read More