Identifying and Prioritizing Important necessities for formulation of Open Source Software Roadmap in Iran ررررررررر

Mohammad Reza Taghva; Mohammad Naghizadeh; Reza Naghizadeh

Volume 1, Issue 1 , December 2012, , Pages 1-28

  According to extension of using open source software packages in recent years especially in developing countries, preparing a comprehensive roadmap for open source software development in Iran is essential. This research identifies and prioritizes factors important for preparing a precise roadmap in ...  Read More

A Model for Electronic Readiness of Organizations to use Information Technology and Communication Services, Using Analytical Hierarchy Process Technique

Jafar Bagherinejad; Halehi Satari

Volume 1, Issue 2 , December 2013, , Pages 1-23

  In this research after reviewing the relevant literature and comparative analysis of the e-readiness models, a conceptual framework for evaluation of organizational e-readiness based on the condition of Iranian organizations has been designed. Then, this model with 6 criteria (including commitment of ...  Read More

The Impact of Information Technology Practice on Organizational Performance and Competitive Advantage

Mohammad Reza Taghva; Mojtaba Hosseini Bamakan; Hamid Reza Fallah Lajimi

Volume 2, Issue 5 , June 2004, , Pages 1-17

  This research has been conducted with the purpose of employing information technology (IT) in organizations. To this end, the present research, titled “The Impact of Characteristics of Employing IT on the Organizational Performance and the Competitive Advantage in Organizations”, was done, ...  Read More

Meta-analysis of organizations e-readiness researches in Iran

Vajhollah Ghorbanizadeh; Sara Behfar

Volume 2, Issue 6 , February 2015, , Pages 1-22

  In recent decades, we have witnessed new developments in ICTapplications in different fields of life. The current dynamic and turbulent business environment has forced organization to change their traditional methods of conducting business. Hence, it is important for organizations to evaluate e-readiness ...  Read More

Probing the Impact of Administrative Automation System Based on Managers’ Decision Making (Case Study: Mehr Bank of East Azarbaijan Province)

Mohammad Bakhtazmay Bonab; Hossein Aliasgharzadeh Romiany

Volume 2, Issue 7 , June 2014, , Pages 1-17

  With quick Generalizing of access to computers and information technology and advanced media, no country can run the 21th century economy without modern and up to date electronic infrastructure. Information management is an important factor in decision making; Accurate, precise and updated information ...  Read More

Impact the IT Capability on Business Agility

Mohammad Bashokouh; Mitra Shekasteband

Volume 1, Issue 4 , September 2014, , Pages 1-24

  activities and corporate structures are presented in 21 century. Business Agilityalongside other theories in the management of the company's success in theturbulent market environment is essential. In this regard, the agility of ITcapabilities, while supporting Business Agility has a crucial role inunderstanding ...  Read More

Developing a DSS for performance evaluation: A case study in Export Developing Bank of Iran

Zahra Jalaeian Zafarani; Mehdi Seifbarghy Seifbarghy

Volume 1, Issue 3 , June 2014, , Pages 1-18

  In this paper, we propose a new model on personnel performance evaluationconsidering the job specifications so that the personnel are evaluatedbased on the job rather than only individual specifications. This is the majorcontribution of this paper. Based on the proposed model, for both individualand ...  Read More

Meta-analysis of barriers to the deployment of e-government in Iran

Vajhollah ghorbanizadeh; Habib roodsaz; Ja’far abbaspoor

Volume 2, Issue 8 , September 2014, , Pages 1-32

  In recent decades, we are facing developments and new achievements in information technology usages in various areas of life every day. Due to the pressure of the current dynamic and turbulent business environment, organizations should change their traditional methods. Therefore, electronic government ...  Read More

A Model of Factors Affecting Participation in Virtual Brand Communities

Zohreh Dehdashti Shahrokh; Mohammad Taghi Taghavifard; Mohammad Reza Karimi Alavijeh; Mohammad Mehdi Poursaeed

Volume 3, Issue 9 , December 2014, , Pages 1-24

  Fundamental changes occurred in the society and economy since the nineteenth century has clearly reflected in the development of our communities. Consumption communities which had not been previously existed came to the existence by the development of mass media especially Web 2.0 and modern marketing. ...  Read More

Using an Integrated Approach QFD, FAHP and VIKOR to Select an Appropriate ERP System

kamran feizi; Mohammad Sabet motlagh; Mehdi Abedini naeini

Volume 3, Issue 10 , December 2015, , Pages 1-20

  Enterprise resource planning systems (ERP) for facilitating the operation of organizations and integration of the process of business data are an important competitive advantage for organizations. To the successful implementation of an ERP system is essential to choose a system that can be aligned with ...  Read More

Evaluation the role of transformational leadership In the incidence of organizational Sounds "Analysis of the mediating role of ICT"

Mohannad Reza Ardalan; siroos Ghanbari; Mohaad faegh Mohammadi

Volume 3, Issue 11 , June 2015, , Pages 1-24

    Existence the organizations in which importance to every member thoughts and ideas, appropriate to New developments in the information age, Leadership requires that guide this issue. this study aimed to investigate the effect of transformational  leadership in the development of organizational ...  Read More

A New Approach for Exceptional Phenomena Knowledge Detection and Analysis by Data Mining

Masoud Abessi; Elahe Hajigol Yazdi; Hassan Hoseini Nasab; Mohammad Bagher Fakhrzad

Volume 3, Issue 12 , September 2015, , Pages 1-20

  Learning logic of exceptions is a considerable challenge in data mining and knowledge discovery. Exceptions are the rare phenomenon with positive unusual behavior in a database. Creating an efficient framework to increase the reliability in the detection of exceptions in the knowledge and learning is ...  Read More

Analysis of the Relationship between Trust and Effectiveness in Virtual Teams with Emphasis on the Role of Knowledge Sharing

Hamed Dehghanan; Puya Poormoghadasian

Volume 4, Issue 13 , December 2015, , Pages 1-19

    One of the positive achievements of information technology in organizations is virtual teams. By taking advantage of IT,virtual teams have greatly facilitated organizational operations. One of the important issues that virtual teams are faced with is trust. The purpose of this study is to investigate ...  Read More

Financial Performance Prediction System in Industrial Companies through Data Mining Algorithms

Babak Sohrabi; Iman Raeesi Vanani; Babak Bootorabi

Volume 4, Issue 14 , February 2016, , Pages 1-21

    With the emergence of new businesses leading to the complicated and changing business environments, industrial managers and investors need tools and mechanisms to acquire a more clarified view of their business in different financial aspects in the future. The financial status of industrial firms ...  Read More

An Analysis of Political Coherence Cycle in Information and Communication Technology Governance System in Iran

mohammad taghi taghavi fard; Zahra Vafadar; Mehdi Rahim; Mojtaba Aghaei

Volume 4, Issue 16 , April 2016, , Pages 1-33

      In all countries, entity or entities are responsible for the governance in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). In Iran, the governance of this area is the responsibility of several institutions which they must consider a set of elements and their relationships ...  Read More

Prediction of New Service Adoption among Mobile Phone Users

Soudabeh  Namdar Zanganeh; Arezo Ghahghaei; Foruzan Naseri

Volume 4, Issue 15 , April 2016, , Pages 1-28

  Development of ICT services specially those presented by mobile phone operators and increasing competition forces operators to offer new and various services. Operators try to motivate users to apply their innovations by presenting appropriate quality and price. Regarding to the importance of this issue, ...  Read More

Information Technology Capabilities Impacts on Organizational Performance through Knowledge Absorptive Capacity and Organizational Learning

Akbar Alam Tabriz; Mehrangis  Abbasi

Volume 5, Issue 17 , April 2016, , Pages 1-27

    Information technology capabilities have an important role in a fast and changing environment. Organizations having IT technologies and abilities to utilizing them can be pioneer in acquisition, maintaining, and transferring knowledge. Technology highly affects quantity and quality of learning ...  Read More

Personal and systemic factors affecting individuals’ procrastination on Internet banking adoption

Vajhollah Ghorbanizadeh; Habib Roudsaz; Hossein Mohammadi

Volume 5, Issue 18 , April 2017, , Pages 1-24

      While considering inhibitors, the purpose of this paper is to examine the moderating role of self-efficacy, perceived image, personal innovativeness, and subjective norm on Internet banking adoption in Tejarat bank of Iran as a public bank. Following IRAN’s 20-year outlook plan, putting ...  Read More

Impact of ICT development on Capital Market Growth; Evidences from Tehran Stock Exchange

amid Sepehrdoust; Leili Sadri

Volume 5, Issue 19 , April 2017, , Pages 1-28

      Many economists, attribute the slowing growth of financial markets to ICT sector inefficiency; therefore the purpose of this study is to find out the effect of ICT development on Growth of capital markets in Iran, using empirical evidences of Tehran Stock Exchange for the time period of ...  Read More

The effect of social networks on the development of digital entrepreneurship in knowledge-based companies

Abdol Majid Imani; Azam Hosseinifar; Moslem Mobaraki

Volume 6, Issue 22 , May 2018, , Pages 1-22

  According to in today's competitive world, in addition to economic factors, social factors also can affect businesses and social networks as a social characteristic, the driving force and basis for social cohesion in business activities online role important. The purpose of this paper is to examine the ...  Read More

Introducing e-Government 2.0 Maturity Model: Focusing on Developing Countries

Mohammad Taghi Taghavifard; roya hejazinia

Volume 10, Issue 37 , September 2021, , Pages 1-36

  Social media, as an advancement in information technology is one of the most appealing topics to the public sector. Governments need to take measures to profit from this technology so that they can offer the most sought-for today's services. The COVID-19 pandemic and the necessity of providing virtual ...  Read More

Developing a Viral Marketing Model for Online Businesses Using a Mixed Method Approach

elham Fazeli Veisari; Mohammad Javad Taghipourian; gheydar ghanbarzade; reza Tavoli

Volume 9, Issue 36 , August 2021, , Pages 1-37

  Abstract:The purpose is identifying the components and developing inner relationships between viral marketing components in online business. The research statistical population comprises of 15 individuals in three generations of X, Y and Z in the qualitative section, and 460 online customers in the quantitative ...  Read More

The Role of Intelligent Business Systems in Improving Organizational Performance: A Meta-Analytic Approach

mehrnoosh mehdi sasan; Ghasem Bakhshandeh

Volume 10, Issue 40 , October 2022, , Pages 1-15

  Given the rapid economic, technological and even political developments in today's world, the use of business intelligent systems in organizations is inevitable and the present study also examines the relationship between intelligent business systems and organizational performance in previous research ...  Read More

The Effect of Transaction Cost on Outsourcing and Open Innovation in Technology Companies

Mohsen Motiei; Mina Esmaili; Davoud Hoseinpour

Volume 11, Issue 41 , October 2022, , Pages 1-26

  The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of three components of transaction costs including uncertainty, specific assets and frequency on outsourcing and also to investigate the specific assets and uncertainty on open innovation abroad among banking financial technology companies based in ...  Read More

The Effect of Work- Family Conflict (WFC) on Life Satisfaction: the mediation roles of Job Stress and Job Satisfaction In face-to-face and virtual teaching from the perspective of professors

Masoud Simkhah; Elaheh Mohamadkhani

Volume 10, Issue 39 , October 2022, , Pages 1-39

  The purpose of this research was investigating the effect of Work- Family Conflict on Life Satisfaction and the mediation roles of Job Stress and Job Satisfaction. This research was descriptive correlation. The statistical population included university professors and 384 people were selected by available ...  Read More