Evaluation the role of transformational leadership In the incidence of organizational Sounds "Analysis of the mediating role of ICT"

Mohannad Reza Ardalan; siroos Ghanbari; Mohaad faegh Mohammadi

Volume 3, Issue 11 , June 2015, Pages 1-24

    Existence the organizations in which importance to every member thoughts and ideas, appropriate to New developments in the information age, Leadership requires that guide this issue. this study aimed to investigate the effect of transformational  leadership in the development of organizational ...  Read More

Ethics in IT professional's case study administrative staff of Bandar Abbas city

Saeed Rayat pisha; Mohammad reza behboudi; Abdol khalegh gereynejad

Volume 3, Issue 11 , June 2015, Pages 25-46

  The present age, known as information age, Users by utilizing information technology, can easily transfer large volumes of data in less time between a far places. However, the potential benefits of information technology for user, also have ethical implications and the need compatibility with human values ...  Read More

Identifying and prioritizing critical success factors of business intelligence systems in Medical Industry with a mixed approach(Case:Bandar Abas’s hospitals)

Fahimeh Hosseini; Tayebeh Abbasnejad; Ebadollah Baneshi

Volume 3, Issue 11 , June 2015, Pages 47-70

    The aim of this study was to identify and rank the critical success factors in the implementation of business intelligence in the treatment industry. This study in terms of the goal is practical and in terms of data collection is Description-Survey. In this study, at first qualitative approach ...  Read More

Applying Monte Carlo Simulation to Measuring Risk Factors in Information Technology Projects

Hamid Shahbandarzad; Khodakaram Salimifard; Reza Moghdani

Volume 3, Issue 11 , June 2015, Pages 77-95

  Planning and decision making are the basic duties of a project manager which without them it is almost impossible to reach the project goals. In planning and decision making process, firstly, risk factors should be identified and after that their impacts and probabilities should be measured. Therefore, ...  Read More

Ranking Technological Capability in the Countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development with MCDM Approach

Mojtaba Aghaei; Seyed Omid Basiroo

Volume 3, Issue 11 , June 2015, Pages 97-122

  In this paper, we ranking member countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development using various indices derived from various models of technological capabilities at the national level, and Development multiple criteria decision making using technological capability. In the first ...  Read More

The impact of flexible IT infrastructure and supply chain management practices on competitive advantage and financial performance of manufacturing firms and industrial city of Ahvaz

Said Jfariniya; Maryam Javanmard

Volume 3, Issue 11 , June 2015, Pages 123-140

  The growth for an effective IT infrastructure has been positioned by many organizations as one of the top most priorities of their IT management on the whole. Building a strong IT infrastructure has risen to become the top concern in the management of IT. This research has been conducted with the purpose ...  Read More